BIG BLUE  2000

Construction Site Air filtration Systems

Clean Air Management has designed and developed our own custom air filtration unit to manage tough building and construction site conditions.  
Big Blue 2000 240V can be positioned anywhere throughout a construction site or workplace to remove and filter dust contaminated air within a particular area.
For direct air extraction a 5 meter 12 inch fire resistant ducting is included for tight and hard access.
The Big Blue houses the highest grade hepa filter to provide extra-high efficiency final filtration and assists to remove all harmful ultra-fine particles.

We proudly manufacture the Big Blue 2000 in Australia.

- Big Blue 2000 air filtration unit 240V
       - 12 inch ( 300mm ) fire resistant duct 5m length
- Site delivery and pick up
Construction dust filtration collector with Hepa filter to be used in conjunction with our dust containment tent