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Dust particles caused from cutting materials on construction sites contain a number of materials. Some of these materials when inhaled can be harmful or irritating. These include asbestos, Crystalline Silica, PCB’s, mould and soot.


The control of and management of dust on construction sites has never been adequately addressed. With over 50 years experience on high profile commercial construction sites we have seen many measures introduced that never solve the problem of dust control.


Some construction sites have designated cutting rooms for trades to cut hazardous material such as MDF or building materials containing Crystalline silica. These cutting rooms are often found on different levels or in different areas to where work is being carried out. The time wasted getting to and from these cutting rooms for the multitude of cuts carried out each day just isn’t viable.


Makeshift cutting rooms where plastic sheets are masked onto walls although may be closer to their work area still let dust escape through cracks and openings. As there is no dust extraction the tradesperson is forced to breathe the hazardous air trapped inside which deters most people from using the cutting room, increasing the rate of non-compliance.

Dust containment tent controlling dust on construction sites while cutting materials containing crystalline silica
Dust containment tent to isolate wall penetrations on construction sites

Dust on construction sites is a hazard

Clean Air Management weekly dust contaimnet tent inspections and filter replacements

We solved the problem

We saw the need and felt the urgency of wanting a safer solution after coming home from work with bleeding noses, sore eyes and suffering from constant chest infections.


Our mission was to create a safer work environment and voice how important dust control is for the health of every tradesperson.

We began testing air filtration units available on the market. Existing products did not meet the standards and requirements for building and construction conditions. We designed and developed the Big Blue 2000 air filtration system which works in conjunction with the CAM Tent.

With the knowledge of site safety and trade operation requirements  we designed a system to assist with the protection of everyday tradespeople, builder's and their clients.

Clean Air Management is a leading and reputable company based in Sydney, proudly manufacturing in Australia allowing us to control quality, service and reliability. 

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